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i see the streetlights as fairgrounds

or: take me for a drive somewhere nice...

chrono synclastic infindibula
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3051 massive, a silver mt zion, a tribe called quest, ace tits, air, akai headrush, amanda rogers, another blue door, archers of loaf, australia, awesomefest, bands, beastie boys, because of ghosts, beck, bikerides, bjork, bokonism, botanic gardens, broken social scene, canada, carlton draught, charles bukowski, chink my ride, chrono-synclastic-infindibula, climbing trees, colditz glider, complex moral dilemmas, constantines, constellation records, constellaton records, cracking the shits, dale, death cab for cutie, death from above, delay peddles, dinosaur jr, do make say think, douglas coupland, elevator, evil monkey bum, explosions in the sky, family, fat lip, fender guitars, ferris beuler's day off, follow that bird, four track, free maracas, friends, future pants, girls, godspeed you black emporer, hayden, helium, interpol, jaguar, james brown, james grainger, jamming, jan juc, jazz bass, jazzmaster, joy division, kc accidental, kurt vonnegut jr, loops, love of diagrams, low, making music, mary timony, melbourne, missing link, modest mouse, mogwai, mos def, muppets, music, my bloody valentine, my disco, neil young, pavement, peddles, pee-wee's big adventure, peter tosh, pixies, poems, polvo, post-rock, primal scream, proeliis fere, prudence, radiohead, rotate this, saul williams, scarborough, scooters, sigur ros, skateboards, sleep, sleeper set sail, slint, sonic youth, spiritualized, surfing, talking heads, the anagram, the breeders, the dears, the down and out, the flaming lips, the florida evans, the folk implosion, the little prince, the long slide, the mark inside, the muppet show, the positive vegan, the postage stamps, the postal service, the roots, the strokes, the white stripes, torquay, tortoise, vb, veggies, waiting room, wax mannequin, wheels on the bus, writing, yo la tengo